Thursday, April 22, 2010


Its holiday... All we have to do is assignments.. assignments.. assignments... maybe some of you guys are having fun but not for me. Its my first time doing assignment and not only 1 assignment, and assignments need plagirism report and reference which most of us still confuse about how to do it. But still, we have to do it. Gambateh everyone..=)
Now.... posting about holidays is not that hard, right...
What i have done in this few days holidays are going out with Ameera, John and Kevin to Pavillion. We go for lunch and argue about where the Watson is in Sungai Wang. We shop the whole pavillion and in the end, we didn't bought anything except for Ameera Darling. She bought 4 clothes, 1 necklace and 2 cupcakes. If it wasn't for me, she will end up buying the whole shopping mall, haha.
We also went to the lakeside library to study and do assignment, but somebody is having fun there , haha...
The library so big , got 4 floor but is packed with people till we have to go to 4th floor to find a place. However, there is something fun happening, too. It happen between my friendship... fun to know you guys in college. I think interesting part of my life just getting started here in college with assignment and experience and of course you guys who i know in college.

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