New Environment!!

Lakeside Campus.. new environment for me and my frens.. the campus is so big.. but the food there is so not delicious that we have to think about the deliveries like Domino or Pizza Hut! The food there is so expensive but yes.. everyone says rich people study Taylors but not all is rich .. maybe some is studying here by getting a scholarship which does not have to pay so much!

 No offence about the new campus, just saying what everyone think, I think ... Well .. studying in the new campus actually is a problem for me because I have to trouble someone to fetch me far far away from my home and going home, i have to trouble someone again to fetch me back to LCS to take KTM back to my house. Yes .. the campus have shuttle bus to fetch us there but everytime so many people waiting and queing up for the shuttle bus and i heard they say they are going to start collecting money after few months.. What is going to happen to me ???
The scenery there is nice because there are lakeside at the center of the campus, i heard someone fishing there and caught by the security guard there.. hahaha.. soon there is going to have a hostel, hotel, swimming pool and more. Yes.. hotel.. maybe is for the student to learn how to manage the hotel by building a hotel system there, quite cool!! The system there is like a five stars hotel, we have to take numbers and wait for the service, its like you are in a bank waiting to open a bank account. There are a lot of classes there even before it is build completely..
Computer Lab

Thursday, we having IT class in computer lab, the class is quite nice and everelyone can use it if there is no class held in that classroom. We have about more than 10 computer labs and there is computer for you to use in the library for printing notes and doing assignment. The library there is so big that they have 4 floor and each floor always pack with people. We borrow books by going to the machine and there is a receipt like u get from ATM machine, cool. Thats all for now....


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