Next Chapter Of My Life

Now i am in college, its a new start for me as a beginner in college. However, its easy to make frens in college. They are so friendly, i didn't expect to make frens so fast. And i meet my lovely lecturers, there are 4 of them. They are quite friendly too.. glad to have lecturers like you guys.. haha..
Time pass very fast, i work in miss t mid valley for 2 months and now i am here in college. And i am getting my own notebook soon.. haha..

Some of my classmates ( Dresscode: Dress)

My class mostly are girls, boys are only quarter in my class. However its fun, I already have assignments in the 1st few weeks. Creating this blog is one of my assignments. Now, everything changes. One of my problem is tranportation to college. I have to take my relative's car to college and delayed her time to work, i feel like i am disturbing her. And i go home by KTM. Now, we are moving to lakeside campus on 26th April. Another problem poops up in my mind. I think i am going to have to rent a taxi to college when we move to lakeside campus. Anyway, the lakeside campus is beautiful but is crowded with students there. They said there already have about 9000 students excluding us. I don't really feel excited to move to lakeside campus because no.1 yeah! transportation , no.2 i think it would be difficult for student to have meal there because they have very expensive restaurant there, no.3 the campus would be pack with students , its quite headache for me to be having in this type of environment.

Anyway, i have to move there by the following next week. I have holidays on next week. My secondary school friends ask me for outing and next week would be an outing week for me. I would also have to do my assignment in the same week. It would be a great week for me. Wait for my updates for my holidays pictures . Bye!!


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