Part of my life....

OMG!! I have read my classmates' blog for the the new beggining title, they are so good in writing and they have points in their writing. I feel that my blog content is so boring and uninteresting. I have to keep up in writing which that i am a mass communication student. I'll have to write feature writing for my assignment here, in blog which i have learn from Mr. Winston class.

Who is this?? Not my boyfriend, and yes! it's my dad!

My dad had work in Singapore for 2 years since 2008 April. He should be back on 2010 April but his contract got extended because the project has been delayed it's date to finish the project. At first, he receive this job in Singapore, he was so sad that he have to leave us in Malaysia and work in Singapore. All thanks to his ex-boss. His ex-boss was afraid that my dad will take over his place and did not promote him for years when he serve so much to the company. Since the company did not appreciate him, so he just leave the company and find another job. When  he left, the news spread so fast that almost quarter of the colleagues decided to leave to. It's true, i am not showing off my dad, it's a true story and it happen in my life. I was shocked to heard that from my mum because she is working there as they start their love story there.

My dad send out his resume and start looking for jobs, he struggle a few days before he decided to take the job in Singapore. He started to look for places to rent and we help him by driving up to Singapore almost everyday. After few weeks, he manage to settle everything and started his job there. He came back once every 2 weeks to visit us, we also go to Singapore to stay with him almost for 1 weeks when there are long holidays.

Now, 2010, it's time for him to reunite with his family. Problems keep coming out from his job, he always receive calls from his workers on weekends even when he is back in Malaysia. He feel frustrated and almost giving up on his job but he endure it for us. He wanted to earn more money for us to live happily, i can see how much pressure he is carrying on his shoulder but i can't do anything to help him. All i can do is study had and achieve better result for him as he paid so much for my college. I love you dad... muacks..<3 (sorry for the emo)

As you know he is coming back to Malaysia, the news of him coming back spread very fast as usual. Many company from other contry want to have interview with him and i don't know how they get to know my dad. There are countries such as Singapore, China, India and more which means that if he took any offer from those country, he will have to leave us in Malaysia again and work in overseas. I was hoping that he would come back soon and reunite with us. And I want to tell u that I love you, daddy!!! Whatever your decision is, I will always support you!!!


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