Thursday, May 13, 2010

Exam.. Exam.. Exam...

Next week is our mass comm student exam week.. and the title for this week blog is preparation for exam!!!! Its my first time exam in college and lecturers are giving the exam format.. thank god we have format or not we'll die of studying everyday !!! So many things to read though we have the format...and still we are the last minute student.. haha.. means we are going to study one day before the exam... thats what we do in secondary school..
Now.. its college .. don't play play .. we have to study and study and study .. this whole week is going to be a busy week for me and thank god all the assignments are done by this week.. but still have to do blog... Starting management and mass comm studies this week .. and IT is frustrating me because i am really bad in computer studies..argggg... fundamental also hard for me and mass comm ... speechless..however.. i am going to study anyway.. One thing, we don't have class on examination week .. aha.. yeah! thats because we have to study .. and Mr.Winston say its going to be easy in mid term and hard in the final exam... OMG!! i hope its the easy we are thinking about .. and we are going to work really hard for the final examination since Mr.Winston say that its going to be difficult for the final ones..
We are still having fun in college and Sanjiv had a futsal game this week .. well.. i didn't joined them because no transportation.. still transportation stay as my problem .. and not solve yet... I guess i ll have to take people's car to LCS to take KTM back to my house .. and even I have a car.. Parking is still a problem there... Back to exam... I guess everyone is trying their best now for the exam or maybe not.. since its the first time exam in college and we don't really know how they are coming out as with the questions.. I am glad that we still do multiple choice questions in college.. and maybe thats where we can score points easily.. Today.. we just know that mass comm exam have to answer 4 essay questions out of 8... that is like our sejarah when we do in secondary school... OMG.. my sejarah damn poor and just gt passed everytime.. and i am thinking we are going to have to memorize a lot of things and damn scard now... i am poor in memorizing ... Mr.Winston say that in college .. we must understand and not memorizing.. I got that but what if we really don't understand... that makes us memorize everything...
Okay .. I think is enough for the exam thingy... and next post is going to be my last post for this assignment.. after the next post.. i really have no idea when i am going to do blogging again... Thanks Mr.Winston for having me an experience on writing blog.. and I think that can make me improve my writing skills since I write everything in my mind according to the title you gave... I really appreciate what lecturers have done and I am trying my best... Good Luck everyone with your exam... hope we can pass easily this time ...:)
Sharing a song recommended by penny with u guys.. Enjoy...

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