Music Rocks My Life!!!!!

As u know, everybody live around music.. every sound that we make is consider a music because music come from every beat that produce by living things. Who don't love music.. ?? Everyone do.. and that deepen into people questioning what new music coming out and not do you love musics...!!! Well , there is many types of music and different languange with musics.. every country have their own songs..
Me.. Love musics a lot!!! I listen korean, english and chinese songs. In korea, their songs always distibuted by groups and groups songs always a hit and going internationally nowadays..There is also individual singer like Rain.. he is a singer and also a actor .. he acts in hollywood movie and had gone internationally long time ago... His songs are always hit and his dance is great and cool!!!!
English songs are damn nice also.. the famous teen singer now.. Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber ...and why everyone hates Bieber.. his songs are nice and its on the bilboard for so long..

The hot songs now are on the astro hitz and hitz fm... you can listen all the hit song there.. like Rihana rude boy , lady gaga telephone, adam lambert whataya want from me and more more more.. there is so much songs coming out and everyone enjoy it so much..

Next next next... is my favourite idol.. MR.PIG!!! ahahha.. if u guys usually watch 100% entertainment everyday then u will know who i am talking about... YESSS .. its SHOW LUO ZHI XIANG... hehe
he is an actor, singer and VJ.. he makes a lot of taiwan series and he play many different types of role.. he can reach what the film director wanted in the series and the film group will never be boring because of his laughter and cheerfullness .... he once was in a group long time ago and separated when the group didn't work out well.. he was more successful when he is individual.. and now his partner, once was in his group when he first debuted , also having new album for the first time.. and it work well also... i guess grouping in taiwan don't work so well as in korea.. but there is also famous group in taiwan like SHE and Fahrenheit. Okay .. back to SHOW!! Mr.Pig is a funny and cheerful guy, he call his fans lao po means wife in english.. that makes his fans love him so much .. and he care so much about his lao po.. he loves his mother so much and everyone know that if you got update on his news.. and he can sing and DANCE.. his dance was so good and he can dance anytime u wanted him to dance immediately.. he is famous of his dance like Jolin Tsai... they once make a movie together and even sing together.. he sings with a lot of female singer before like rainie, elve, jolin and even a japanese singer name Koda Kumi...
Recently ... he have concerts in Hong Kong and not only one time.. 3 times continuosly.. and every concert  was full of people .. Here are some of his video.. hope u enjoy it..


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