In lakeside, getting more and more people and charity held everywhere. You will be asking to buy drinks or cupcakes and other things. They are having a lot of event also. They keep giving us brochures about their event on our way to the cafeteria. We have that experience everyday and i am asking myself, are we going to go through this when we held an event in future.. Its fun but we know people will ignore us like we ignore them if we held an event. Interesting experience ..

I love my classmates.. they are so funny and always make class interesting.. we always have party and event held by ourselves!! Remember once, we go for the karaoke session.. we are standing on the sofa and dance and sing.. and we are like going to club.. shaking here shaking there.. haha.. everybody is having so much fun that day.. thanks to the organizer-John!! We took pictures there .. its a memorable day for me.. i believe its the same for everyone there..

After the karaoke session.. we have party for Ameera and its a surprise party.. we are planning on having the party in sunway but Ameera knows too many people and she is so busy on her burfday that we have to held it on monday after class.. Kevin bought a cake and he took it out from freezer.. the cake was so hard that everyone can't cut the cake and at last everyone use forks to scoop up the cake .. it was my first time eating the cake like that .. haha.. but its fun .. we took a lot of pictures.. everyone post it in facebook.. that will always keep that memory in our heart.. Ameera was so happy that day.. so.. the party was succesfull!!!:)

Next, we are having party for renvin and penny... they are born on the same day.. so we celebrate in college after class and having a surprise party for them.. We go buy present for them secretly and had to make them suspect us that we have kept something behind them .. it was awful because we were afraid that they were thinking we are talking their bad things behind them .. i hope they will forgive us after the party and we will tell them the truth.. the most disturbing thing is keeping a secret behind my best fren penny that her boyfriend call me and ask me to organize a surprise party for her.. but it didn't work... because he was plannning that we went to her house and gave her a surprise after he took her to dinner and went back home.. we didn't went to her house before and not everyone in our class can drive .. so transportation is the biggest problem.. so we cancel the plan .. and change it to a surprise party in college and after that .. we have basketball event .. organizer- Ameera..most of us don't know how to play basketball.. so we are going to play there and release stress.. will upload photo on the next post..!!!
We are having so much party in lakeside.. and it won't stop partying i guess.. because my classmate loves party and we are having fun all the time.. they really know how to enjoy life in college.. and i am so grateful that i know them in college and they make my life so interesting because i didn't have fun at all in secondary school.. i was like just studying studying and studying .. i didn't join any event in school .. the most memorable thing was the performance on stage.. i have to perform traditional dance when there is any festival or event.. and we are like skipping class and go for make up and dress up to wait for the performance.. Although when there is any performance, we have to take out our time to practice and rehearsal.. that is quite tiring but fun for me because i like dancing.. since u left my secondary school.. i didn't dance anymore and gain weight easily.. so i am on diet now.. hope i can slim down quickly.. and i hope i can continue my dancing  soon..
Yeah yeah!! there is a dance club in Taylor but my senior advice me not to join because their time wont fit your study time and you will be wasting time joining.. always meeting.. but doens't mean that the club is not good or anything .. its the schedule.. so.. yea!
I think thats all for today .. wait for my next post!!!


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