This week, we went to basketball court to play basketball. The basketball court is so far away that we have to cross the car park under the hot sun. Ameera and Kevin was so into the basketball that Ameera still plays when she hurt her legs. I know that she was a basketballer in school by that time, no wonder she have a fit body.. envy.. Well, they compete with another groups and it was like watching football at home holding snacks and beer.. haha.. it was fun looking at them playing basketball.. and it rains heavily that day.. Oh yeah! Sanjiv and Hazman and Joshua ( sorry.. its harvind.. affected my Ameera..) play futsal that day at the opposite court... That day was fun but tiring also..


Ameera's and Kevin resting..

I don't play basketball, but i like basketballer. To me, a guy has to know how to play basketball, thats my basic request for a guy, quite weird.. haha.. Although i don't play basketball but i play ping pong, i played ping pong in school but not as an cocurricullum activities. In my school, they held competition of sports like ping pong, badminton, basketball and volleyball in school anually. I joined  ping pong competition since i am in junior one. I had a partner that will played and compete with me everytimes. It was so fun back in time in school days. In lakeside, yes, they have ping pong tables but always fully book and the people there is like going to college for ping pong and not studies.

Other than ping pong, i dance like in school as activity. Is dancing a sports?? Anyway, consider is .. i performed on stage everytime the school have festivals or events. I used to learn ballet when i was 10 years old and i quit that year because the ballet instructor had changed to a man. He was wearing tights to class, yes to a ballerino but its kind of bothering me and he teaches his student in a way of molesting, i mean learning ballet have to care so much of the body lines, so , they have to touch our body from head to toe!! Maybe its a guy, so its kinda make me think that its not right and i was still small that time... Since then, i stopped my ballet class.

Don't get shock.. Thats how i look when i performed..

 Then i started to learn chinese tradisional dance in secondary school. Its fun, because besides learning how to dance, you have to learn how to make up, too. And we can wear different types of costumes that we will never imagine how it will look like.What can i write about sports anymore..hmm... sorry Mr.Winston.. i always get emo when i cant think about what to write.. i think now u know how bad my writing is ...


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