Happy burfday,lil bro !!! Wish u happy always larh !! don't always stuck in the room and listen to anime songs lar.. !! damn boring la and i wonder how u tahan ! Anyway .. Be happy ! And gambateh in ur SPM !! No more games larh!! 

Yep ! Its my little brother burfday today ! I went to pyramid and find his favourite Saber for him but pyramid don't have much choice so i just walked! Had breakfast at pyramid with Renvin and Michelle ! Jesseca is with us but she went off without taking her breakfast with her !! 

This is Michelle's Big Breakfast!!! 
cost RM 9.20 weih ! so expensive! 

This is mine !! HAHAHA.. the cheese so disgusting !! I purposely make it ! 
cost RM 4++ only because i order ala carte! 

Renvin makan Jesseca's breakfast because she din take home with her ! Damn clever Jess la !
Renvin show her sour face because its wasted if she don't eat ! And she is the only one that din order anything!! HAHAHAH!! She scard fat!!! 

While eating and chatting, saw this hot guy walking in and our attention switch to him till he left ! Damn hot ! 
We continue chat and don't know why we chat about ghost stories on THIS DAY !! I ll have to sleep with my parents tonight thanks to Renvin and Michelle larh.. Tell me bout them !! ARGG ..

(The new building: Haven open yet but there are students staying in the hostel already ! they soon gonna have Baskin Robbin, Subway and many more! Just like a shopping Complex)

Today- Thursday actually its a holiday for my class because we usually don't have class for today but they change it and we have psychology class at 8am ! And only 1 class!! Haiz .. Fortunately, the lecturer made the class interesting! Quite fun for today class! Thanks Mr. Philip ! 
 The malays start puasa yesterday, so my gang tried not to eat and drink in front of them while they are fasting! Happy Puasa Day ! and Happy Ghost Festival! 
And finally 


  1. i haven gt into the hostel yet lar.. u should know lol !!


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