Changed in a good way !

I miss the time we first met, first chat, first seeing each other, first sms and asking where are u ? and stuff! But now, this doesn't happen anymore because u have someone else better to talk to ! I stopped also because I scard I 'll tell you how I feel and I know we can't be together. We both are from different world of people and having different kind  of interest and even friends that we mix are so much different !! I don't know how can we chat for such a long time before while our interest and everything is so different! I still miss the time we chat and make fun of each other and even have to chat everyday like we have been addicted to each other! I am sorry if I am the one who changed you or maybe the other girls who changed you but you have to changed to be the old you!! Ur changed now is not good because of your lifestyle and stuff ! You are killing yourself in a slow way and like the others says its hard to change! I am just hoping that you'll change..... Because I LIKE YOU! I want you to be good and healthy! Thats all I want !! 
I think a lot today when I go through my messages in the phone and thinking back those memories when we use to have fun ! And I realized I have fallen for you from the start and didn't want to admit that ! Love is unreasonable ! Everything you do don't have to have a reasons! I think thats how love works! Anyway, I know the person who I am talking about won't read any of this, I am just hoping you'll have a healthy lifestyle and happy all the time !!


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