Damn Assignment!!

Seriously, I am damn scared of presentation because of my serious stage fright!!! Presentation skills may be easy for you guys but not for me!!  When I stand in front of the class and realize everyone is looking at me.... I am freaking scared!!!!!! I can shake from the start till the end !!! DAMMIT PRESENTATION!!! I know i ll have to overcome that fear but its hard to me!!! I am trying because i  know next time I ll have a lot of presentation to do again for another 2.5 years !!!! Tomorrow will be my first assignment for presentation skill!! I am screwed!!! I have done all the slides but I am so so so lack of confidence!!! What am I suppose to do ?????? Screw up tomorrow presentation ???? Haih...... i guess have to try on my luck !!! Please don't look at me when I am doing my presentation ..... I am so freaking scared!!!! GOD SAVE ME !!!!!!!!!!


  1. I can tell you something if you do not want to look at the students.

    Look 6 intches above the hair level of the students. The audience will not know that you are not looking at them.

    Also carry a paper in your hand in which you write whatever you want to explain so that you won't suffer.


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