Just A Day !

Today !! Don't know why i am so hyper ... i finish class then go makan lunch with my friends! Everywhere is pack of students, so hard to find a place to sit down peaceful !! Next year is going to be more because ADP students are transferring to Lakeside next year !! So its going to be soooooo pack there !! And i went to the new building there, damn nice just like shopping complex ! And thanks to Michele Teh bring us to her hostel to look around !! Small room but the design ok la.... I'll show the pics on the next post ! Haven't manage to take some pics there !! Then thanks to Ei Munn sending me John and Jesseca to the KTM station !! Thanks Ei Munn !!

I ate durian after dinner!!! The durian taste bitter .. YUCKS ! but my dad loves them so much !
My mouth damn smelly now!!!

Thanks to my little brother ... zap sau mei !!! hahahahaha....



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