Guys, don't ever take KTM for transportation unless you are desperate!!! They always break down, power failure, time postponed and whatever CRAP they can think of to cover their reasons for being late !! The peoples also damn idiot and don't have responsibility!!! They just think of themselves and keep trying to get into the train as they afraid that they have to wait for the next round !!! They didn't even think want to do before they act !!! IF THEY DON'T LET PEOPLE GO OUT FROM THE TRAIN, HOW DO PEOPLE GET INTO THE TRAIN!!! MAKE SPACES LARH!!!!!  I took KTM for quite a while and at first I really can't tahan with the whole thingy and begged my parents to send me home if they could! BUT they couldn't ! So I am desperate!! I have to take KTM back everyday and face different situation you can imagine!! 

Today!! I switched to the seremban line in KL Sentral! When I go to the waiting area, know what I saw !!!!?? There were packed of people standing can't wait for the train to come!! All lining up even before the train come for 30 minutes!! Obviously, the train had delayed and accumulate all the people at the waiting area! SO DAMN PACKED! Now the KTM had divide into ladies coach and the normal coach! HELLO.. LADIES COACH MEANS FOR LADIES ONLY !!! I wonder the guys who go into the ladies coach is blind or buta huruf or whatever larh!! They ll get scolding for getting into the ladies coach especially when the situation is packed and appeared to have a fierce lady at that time ! Today damn packed that everybody keep on squeezing to get into the train! I was pushed by the crowd from getting into it !! I didn't even have to walk by my own !! Look how fierce and rude they are !!! Today, a lady was so angry because she tried very hard to get in and she saw a man with his wife in the train and start scolding them !! When they get off, she said " u have done wrong and still behave like a BITCH " Oh My God !! thats what the husband say next!! So damn rude la people nowadays !! 

All thanks to the KTM management larh !!! They know a lot of people taking KTM daily and they still delayed time and make all the unnecessary things happen !! What they have done these years were shorten the time to 30 minutes each train come !! Thats still not enough because after 15 minutes, it started to be so crowded AGAIN!! And they still delayed !! If they know what happen down there, they will know how complicated things can be !! 

No Offence ! BUT SERIOUSLY SUCKS LARH ! I have to bare with it because i have to go home from college!! and there is no other way for me to go home by public transport!! Taxi ? too expensive larh !! can't expect me to take a cab everyday and waste at least RM 20 per day !! So .... I have to TAHAN till i get a car ! Last words: KTM SUCKS LIKE SHIT !!!!!



  1. I wanted to quote the same thing as well. I guess if u were following my facebook u would have known it. Once when I was getting home after work and the train was crowded in spite of having space inside people were refusing to move inside. One old Chinese man shouted at the top of his voice to me when I shouted at the people to move inside.

    He got down at the same station as me (Bdr Tasik Selatan) he shouted to such an extent "BERI LALULAN" that it even scared me off and other people. I later got out of the train and ran like hell to the exit before this man would come to create some nuisance.

    To the man: This train is not ur property and learn to behave urself. I will shout if u can't bother to give space to the disembarking passengers/allow the embarking passengers to board the train. It is none of ur business to interfere wif me. UNDERSTAND? Rowdy good for nothing cross country brag. A Rotten scoundral.


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