Its the next post ! I didn't manage to take the hostel's photos because i didn't go to my fren hostel !! Next time .. Promise!

Well.. i don't have appetite to eat this few days .. feel so moody ! People surround me having problems also, its like my whole group of people get curse from someone... Damn bad luck this week ! My friend Penny suddenly change to group 1 instead of group 2 with us and had to come to college different time and face people she don't know ! But its settle now ... she is back with us already.. Thank God ! Another friend Renvin, more problems ! Her digi line is not working at home and her laptop just finish repaired then her brother took it without her permission!! Another friend also having problems with peoples getting involve without notice !! What is wrong with us this week !! Now you can see how many problems we are going through ! I am having mine also but its hard to settle and its all about me !! So I had to figure it out myself and solve it alone !!
New semester had been going for 1 week ! I had to study with new peoples for the lectures class!! Somehow.. few of our lectures are so friendly and funny and of course still strict ! One of them is the Program Director for Diploma in Communication! Another one is the Program Director for the Degree in Communication! The head of  2 department in communication is teaching us !! But Thank God they are not like a grizzly bear only know how to yell or command !! They sometimes will joke around to keep the class interesting! Thats what i love about their class !!
Today i just had Digital Graphics with Mr Phua ! He is nice and strict ! I realized this subject is going to be harder then I expected !! I hate writing but design is not my stuff either!! Hell .. I am starting to worry whether i ll fail some of the subject this semester ! And my worst nightmare !!! PRESENTATION SKILS!!! We have to present individual in front of the whole class !!! DAMN .. I ll start shaking from the start till the end of my presentation !!! This semester is not going to be easy for me !! Now i ll be working in Taylor as student helper  , means less time on my education !! Thanks a lot larh!! Giving me such hard time !
Anyway, I am going to do my best for this semester after i had a long talk with my mum ! Her advice is useful but damn mumbling larh... Thanks Mum !! Love you !! I ll try my best !! I ll compare to the poor to make myself feel better and not asking for too much !! Hope I ll go through this semester fast and smooth !!


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