Burfday !! AWESOME!!

I didn't expect that much for my burfday this year !!! I am so glad that my frens remember and my family !! Finally they remember !! Feel like wanna cry today !!!
I went to college everything was just fine and i met Penny and we walked to Chills to chill and waited for the classroom to be opened! Then Renvin and Michelle came ! Patricia was trying to kiss from the back when i doesnt aware that she is behind me !!! Everyone wish me Happy Burfday !! I was so so so happy !!! Penny was saying that she will not wish me but then in the class she wish me and take out the present from her bag !! I was ... stunn a bit !! Then in the middle of the class they sang me Happy Burfday Song !!! Thanks a lot !!! Sanjiv for suggesting to sing me a song !!! Mr. Rama ask me to ask some chocolate from him!! It was so funny !!! Its just a short update here !! Will tell u guys more about it in the next post !! Have a lot of assignments to do and plus digital graphics and have to study for my MID TERM !! DAMN AWESOME !! so busy lately that i couldn't write more for my blog!!!
Gonna Stop here for now !!! Bye !! Sweet Dreams !! Again : Thanks to all of my frens and family ! Muacks !! Lovesssssss......



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