Happy Burfday !!!

This month, I have lots of friends celebrating their burfday !! My collegemate Mr. Hsu Hsiang Kai on 14th Sept and his best friend in college Mr. John John John on the 18th of Sept and mine coming on the 22nd Sept!! 3 of us just in the gap of 4 and 8 days!! not counted in yearly because I am 18 Mr. Hsu is 19 and Mr.John is 20!! hahah.. so coincidence ! But however, Mr. Hsu celebrate his birthday in Taiwan and he wont be coming back for 2 years because he have to take his NS there since he is a taiwanese!! Will miss him a lot and my friends and I promise to visit him when the times come !! Wait for us K.. and this John.. having his burfday in M'sia ! Gonna wish him and do nothing.. hahah.. maybe. his friends will celebrate for him and US .. just do nothing because he will be happy enough with his friends!! Anyway .. wish u Happy Burfday HERE! ME???? I am not going to celebrate anything like every year ! My family can't even remember when is my Birthday .. So .. I am cool with that !! I don't wish to get anything from my family!! My best ever friend DONKEY CARMEN remember every year and I remember once she invite someone I like in school to surprise me in my class for my birthday! When I saw her, I have to run and she have to chase me to drag me back to class ... hahaha.. can't forget that scene till now lar.. CARMEN!!! hahahaha... Thanks for remembering my birthday every year and trying to give me nice memories for my Birthday !! Lovesss.. ! Owh... and someone having her burfday on the same day same month same year as me! MARIAM!! wish u had a blast for ur burfday... and I am sure u will with ur close frens that u always fight in FB ! 
Michelle Wong Mei Yee... Having her burfday on the 27th Sept also!!! first time saw you, I thought u like to be lonely or something .. hahah.. but now.. I know more .. thx for mixing into my gang after ur incident ?? haha... have a nice wan! And I think u would want him to be urside on ur burfday !! Good Luck then !! Wish he ll give u pressy for ur burfday !!! AND CHERYL, XG, ALEX, JANINE, JINGERL, LAU JUN SEAN, SIEW YING, MY GUGU.. and those I din mention!!! HAPPY BURFDAY !!!! WISH YOU A SIMPLE THING, JUST BE AS HAPPY AS YOU COULD!!



  1. anan!!! okok! i luv suprised.!!! this year! just guest wad surprised!!


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