Holidays !!!!!!!!!!

Holidays started!!! Wohoo... but before hols, lecturer gave me assignment to do which make me so damn headache now !!! Magazinesss!!!!!! I need to design a magazine but now its so confused that I don't know what to do !!! My friend says we don't have to do the whole magazines out just only partly !! DAMN ... thats not what i think before and i have started the assignment !!! Now i guess I ll have to throw everything in my mind and concentrate on the PARTLY part!!
However, I have plans for the hols !!! HAHAHAH... going for movies and karaoke !!! YAY! can't wait !! So many movies to watch, wanna pokai d.... !! Step up 3D, love in disguise, piranha, growns up and more more more!!! WEEEEEEEE.....
Recently, I am addicted to this twins name Sonia and Janice!! They made a good twins whatever in singing or talking!!! Love them so much !! This is my favourite videos of them !!! And thx to Penny which recommend them to me !!

Hope you enjoy !!


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