Just Passing By & Get Addicted!

I am doing the DG assignment by choosing EMMA WATSON for my cover page ! So, I had to find her pictures from the web.. and I realized she had a lot of rumours going on that I don't know !! When I am finding her pics, it link me to TAYLOR SWIFT & VENNESA HUDGENS! Vennesa Hudgens is dating with Zac Efron! So I saw his HOT PICTURES !! DAMN HOT and I start looking at his pictures and stop finding pics for my assignment !! HAHAHAH.. I get distracted that easily !! Anyway, I had done my COVER PAGE ! DAMN HAPPY that I have done at least something for my holiday! NEXT, I have my table content and dummy to finish ! PLUS speech preparation and examination preparation !!! Gonna be so busy after this but I love it better than doing nothing and stoning at my laptop ! However, COLLEGE STARTS AGAIN TOMORROW!! Wish me had a better college life than before! Gonna end my post by sharing some EMMA WATSON PICTURES I found from the web !!



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