MOVIES !!!!!!

MOVIES!!!!!! Enjoying on my hols for the first time since after SPM !!!! 
Sorry Picture a bit blur ! Penny, Me, Renvin, Peng Peng!

We watch CATS & DOGS!!! Nice movie !! Give it a try !!! 
So happy that we involve PENG PENG this time !!! Finally she can hang out with us !! We shop around Mid Valley and they bought except ME!!! sob sob sob..... ! Penny bought 2 shirt from cotton on, Renvin bought ... erm... forget d.. , Peng2 bought THIS!!!

she loves TO-FU a lot !!!! 

She damn cute when she saw those TO-FU in action city !!! Non stop screaming for enjoyment !!! HAHAHA.... 

The Next day .......

watch Step Up 3D and Piranha!

Step Up was damn awesome !!!! I didn't regret going for that movie and I wanted to go for the 2nd time !! The 3D effect was so good !! My first time ! Look damn cool or maybe ugly with the spec on ! 
PIRANHA was disgusting !! I was damn scared and and trying to hide behind my scarf!! Those bloody body, flesh, organs, skin ripping off and BIKINIS.. DEFINITELY IS 18+!! I was shaking after the movie end and Carmen told me that I am putting my hand on my face for the whole movie time in the cinema!!! HAHAAHAH... It was scary and disgusting !! Go get some challege watching this movie !! 

wrong hand position ! SHIT! ( DON'T LAUGH)

Was camwhoring in the restaurant !! Luckily not much people in the restaurant cause they might say we are damn camwhore maniac!! Non STop taking pictures!! It was fun though ! 

Carmen's Porridge !! 

My Noodle !!

After lunch continue our movie ...................



  1. i noe it was a wrong position and i din nt wanna say, but eu urself say so loud dy!! aahahahhahah!!! and STOP UDING CAMWWHORE this word!


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