Today .... so bored !!! wake up at 11 something in the morning and start facing the screen ( television and laptop) !! I am not wearing glasses and I don't want to start wearing one ! So I am going to use less laptop but can't control !!
However, tomorrow is so not going to be a bored day for me !! Because I am going for movies and wednesday also going for 3 movies in a row !! Weee.... so excited to feel the butt pain for sitting in the cinema so long ! Penny is coming to overnight my house tomorrow also ! Is she going to cry again ? Bet you don't know why I am saying is she going to cry because she have seriously homesick ! Once, we go for a trip for 4 days time and she cried !! Everybody was totally freaked out !! She wont cry tomorrow lar.. because 1 day only .. So Penny don't cry okay !! Jia Leng sayang sayang !! hahah ....
Thursday .... erm.. no plan ! so going to continue my assignments !! Facing the screen again !!! Friday going to karaoke !!! HAHAHAHA... so long didnt go for karaoke ! And my mum promise to take me go karaoke also ! So , I am going twice a week !!! AWESOME!!!!!! Wish for a great holiday now !!! But start college soon when  working people start holiday!! So damn weird schedule !! I thought public holidays suppose to have it all in the same time .... so so weird!! and EXAM coming also !!! SHIT ... haven study !! So now I have a pile of assignments and notes and books to go through!! DAMN ! After having fun is so going to be a busy time for me once again !! Hate the exam feeling !! So much pressure!!
The media law totally no idea what to study because everything i heard from the class is like a crap for me !! I really don't know why he said those story to us and expect us to remember everything in one time so that we can use his story as an example in the examination !! Arhgggggg!!! We are not robot man !!! We are not computers !!! We don't save everything like a chip when u just say something and not even write it on the board !! Yish... maybe thats college life or whatsoever thingy ....
Semester 2 really gave me a very hard time ! Just that so many bad things happening .. hope the result wont be a bad thing for us also !!! MEANS GETTING GOOD GRADES FOR THE EXAM !!!!! GAMBATEH !! 

My lovely collegemate !!! 

Me! Me! Me!

Share some of my editing !!!! Enjoy !



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