When all happens

I couldn't log into my adverlets user !! DAMN ! what is happening man!! I resend the verification link so many times that I am pissed now !!! Owh.. I gotta relax ! 

Btw, I went to SHIP for dinner ! Love that place when it comes to western food !! I love the TOM YAM SOUP, THE SIZZLING CHICKEN & THE BLACK PEPPER CHICKEN ! damn nice ! OH! and the normal  unnormal SOFTY BREAD!!! the bread is so soft that I can press it till like a paper that thin !!! Its a AWESOME dinner for me ! 

My dad is going to Las Vegas for the whole week, so he can't send me to college so thats why he took us to some nice place to have our dinner !! Its hard to ask him to take us out for expensive places for dinner unless he wants to go ! But anyway, my mum is not working ! Thank God ! She can send me to college for the week when my dad is not at home ! She would go mumbling and nagging when she stucks in the JAM for almost an hour ! Believe me, when it comes to nagging, you can't beat her ! She is the best and the most annoying nagger i have ever known !! HAHAHAHA... sorry mum for saying that to you ! BUT ITS TRUE , HAHAHA!! 

My dad took my camera to Las Vegas GREAT! I don't have my camera with me for a WEEK !! I couldn't snap down all the happening in this week ! JUST SO GREAT !! 

I am having MEDIA LAW & ETHICS exam this tuesday and I still don't know what to study except for the notes!! SERIOUSLY, I am giving up on this subject because I really don't get anything the lecturer is saying about !! Its WEEK 6 i guess!! I still have no idea what I've learn from his class!! 
Well, college starts on MONDAY! still 2 days left to finish my work !! and STUDY !! but.. WHAT THE HECK AM I GOING TO STUDY !! yishhhhhh.... 



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