REDBOX!!! With CARMEN again ... hahaha..
Still busy but gotta relax sometimes, right !


Redbox 排行榜!! TJ is the 3rd wan !! Gambateh !! 
 Still wont forget of taking pictures when singing!! hehehe.... Its fun but after years of different college, my song choice become so different from last time !! So not many common song we can sing together.. so sorry CAR!

Bought my favourite MOMOO singlet again!! I think I have all the colours I want now !!! But I bought the white wan twice because the old wan have been eaten by monsters !! Haha...

 AND... TJ FANS CLUB T-SHIRT !!! nice and cute !!

TJ CARTOONS.. design by Thomas ( such a talent person )!!! SO CUTE !!

Carmen was saying her eyes one big one small!!! hahaha... I was standing beside her laughing !!

Car, was buying EPOP !! She is an EPOP LOVER !!

I also bought faceshop nail polish !! I want red but it wasn't red because it shows some pinkish !! But still not bad !!

Sorry guys, bad mood this few days ! NOT PMS ! I didn't write much for this post! Just enjoy the pics then!  I've have this problem that making me want to stay alone I mean shifting out of my house !!! Feel so pressure man !!



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