CommFest !

Guess What ? Its CommFest!!!
Today was awesome !!! Just the performance and stuff on the stage its enough for me !!! The games were fun too but was too attracted to the stage performance especially the dance competition Feelosophy !!!
 9 groups was in the final and Leslie get the 1st prize won RM1000!!!! Wow!! He was good !!!! Damn !!! Hope I can dance like him !!!

The red shirt guy is Leslie!!! He was awesome!!! And I heard that he is a DJ in Damansara club!!! He damn talented man !!! And the others are the other contestents!!!  Ohhh... By the way, the VJ in the orange shirt talking to Leslie, he damn professional in talking man !!! Damn PROFESSIONAL!! His voice was so taken attention!!! When he starts to talk, we will shock for a while because his voice was so loud that he can compete with the thunder !!!

And this guy in the blue shirt is a crew of ECX!!! He was damn funny and keep doing movement that make people laugh like hell !!! He likes to imitate girls action and act like a girl !!! And the movement in the dance that they que up in one row doing the knocking their "thingy" !! HAHhahaha... who created that man !! DAMN FUNNY & UNFORGETABLE !!! hahah.. I am not being pervert ar...
The festival was awesome !!!! Its the BIGGEST festival since I am in college for the past half year!! Hope next time our project would be so successful as well!

Going back around 2 but Taylor's bus schedule sucks !!! They always not in punctual and make people wait at the waiting point till crowded with people !! Luckily, my friend call me and suggest to send me home !!! But end up going to REDBOX !!! hehehehehe....

Typical look ... sorry hurt ur eyes!!!

Shuai ge look !!! hahahha..... she damn nice la.. she send me home lor.. thank god ! no nid take KTM for today !!!! Thanks a!! Ei Munn!!! Loves .. Muacks !!!

Thats all for today !!
Conclusion, so long din have so much fun since secondary !!! Thanks for everything!!



  1. hahaha!! ya~ not EXC~ is ECX la~ now a.k.a Elecoldxhot~
    lol. EXC u punya crew izit??? LOL XD
    add a S infront then become S-EXC. lol get it?? LAME.

  2. Change d la.. thanks for reminding a!! YP - very lame la... !! hahaha

  3. haha. i know la~ yesterday too happy di, sot jor.


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