After and during my BUZINESSS....

I have loads of things to blog when i am thinking but now I am here and I forget what to blog !!! Let me refresh again !!! OK .. here its goes...

I finish my mid term paper and I don't think I gave enough effort to score an A, its impossible for an A now.. yes I know!! Because some of the blady subject is just becoming so not interesting for me! When it comes to interest, it affect a lot !! So yeah ! I love Psychology more now.. Thanks to Mr. Philip!!! After the mid term on Weds, I got to rush for my assignment till midnight!! I can't believe that when I have class the next day, I slept at 4 am in the morning! I only sleep for 2 HOURS!!! I am a person who loves to sleep a lot and its not easy to bare with the tiredness till 4 am in the morning !! But, results, i did a great job and total up i finish 3 things on that day! So maybe I could say that its worth it to stay up so late when I can feel relief after the result!!! Thanks to myself !! I love myself so muchhhhy... hehehe...

Next, I went to the Golden Award on 25th September 2010 to support my dear's favourite boy group- THOMAS AND JACK (TJ) maybe i could say that my favourite star also but not as crazy as my dear !! hahah.. I've recorded a video and I wanted to share with you guys.. but there is a problem uplaoding the video, maybe its too big in size, its over 200 mb.. so sorry cant share with you guys !!

Now, I still have loads of assignment waiting for me !!! I have to start soon and can't relax too much after the mid term!! Total up 7 assignments till the final!!! HOW GREAT IS THAT !! I wish that i could end this but its going to continue for another 2 years.. Its ok !! At least i get to have more friends and have fun in college.. oh no.. its UNI now!! hehe... By the way, just telling that I am a UNI student not College anymore! Its not that I leave college and went to university! Its my Taylor University College have successfully convert to Taylor University!!! So I am a UNI student now !!! Although its just a name but still SYOK right !! hahahaha!!!

Finally, I ll end the post by sharing some random pictures !!!

 My classmates!!! I think I share this before but... just miss the time !! 

My dear burfdays !! Din do much for her this year and she gave me something priceless .. feel so bad! Show what she did for me after sometimes because its still a secret now !! hahah

My dad bought a new shoe ... erm... why am I showing this ... ok SKIP! 

John's licik face !! hahaha... at SUSHI ZANMAI!! 

The innocent face or Renvin!! hahaha

My dad!!! I don't know why i like to take his pics so much !! hahaha...He is handsome right !! hahah.. 

Profile pic in Fb proved taken by my dear camera... !!! 

During mid-term !! Studying for Psychology!! Have to study till midnight !! Damn tired and everyones having dark circle around their eyes!! Except SANJIV.. because... he is too black to see his dark circles around his eyes !!! hahahaha.... 

After mid-term!! Happy balik but still lots of assignments... Syok sikit only .. :(

Thats all for now !!! Bye !! 



  1. how many times eu wanna write at ur blog. wth, happy birthday. if i'm nt wrong. the 3rd time! adn horhx. dun feel bad la!


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