I've got THESE!!!

The post for my BURFDAY PRESENT!! and those I've got recently!
I've got great burfday memories for my 18th! I don't need any Burfday Party or lots of lots of present which just only to show that you do your part for burfday girl by giving a heartless present! I've got mine with heart and full of loves! Thank You Girls!

My burfday present: Bag, Perfume & card full of wishes! (I love that bag a lot !!!!)

Cards.... Lovesssss..... Thanksssss...
My dear present! 
Let me tell u a damn silly story! She wanted to surprise me by sending the present to my house and keep asking me to go home earlier. Then I said I couldn't reach home that early because I took KTM home so gotta take a long time, finally she told me that she sent the present to my house by POSLAJU!! hahahahaha.. I was shocked ! really... then ok lar.. I try to go home early !Then I managed to reached home early but nothing happened until 5pm! She sms me and keep asking "sudah sampai a?? belum a?? " So cute lar you ! Then she started to feel angry and called to poslaju to scold them! Then she told me that they leave a card ( trash) in my post box! I saw that in the night time and there written they came at 10am!! THINK LAR.. 10am, everybody is not at home even you are still working and others of course studying lar... YISHHH ... So they said they'll come again on Friday! OK then !! Luckily I didn't have class on Friday ! So I receive the present from the Postman ! These are what I get from Miss Carmen!!!

She snap the photos of her and holds a paper and wrote everything down what she wants to tell me for my Burfday !!! DAMN AWESOME!! and she PRINTED everything out !! OMG !! She even make a video for me and there is a part she sing the Burfday song with her angel voice (=_=") NO COMMENT HAHAA.. !! 
And she made the stuff herself !!! How can I not be touching !! You always have a new style in wishing people CAR! I am waiting for next year !! HAHAHA... Thanks MAN !!! Muackssss.....

Cute ?? Touch*

Just loves to put my stuff on my sofa!!! 

I bought some skin care yesterday ! They cost only RM 120, the lip balm is separate! I put that just because they look so match together!! They give me a free skin cleanser so I have 2 by just buying 1 !! WOW!! They have the other set also by different function !!! They cost lesser than RM 120 !! 

I bought Ifeel, too!! They gave away free stuff and its JOLIN !! AND the most important part is: Penny !! Penny join a competition by HEME.. Go vote for her and support her!! Here is the link!

 Free 2 packets of NuTeen! One is for blackhead and another one is for Pimples!
Oxy!!! Skin cleanser for oily skin!!

THOMAS & JACK!!! They are the user of NuTeen ,too!!! 
That's all for now!!! Gotta continue my Psychology Assignment!! Ciaoz! Hope you guys can get a memoriable Burfday in the future !!! 



  1. shit la! i thought to write it tonite. then eu post earlier than me!
    i love that bag. and eu soooo rich!! Rm120! omg!!! i cn buy 2 months lense dy~
    and sorry a~ the wad a!
    the thing i stitch nt nice! cuz i hate to stitch!!!
    adn at last! my TJ!! i dunnoe eu love TJ sooo muchhhh!!!!

  2. HAHAHAHA... u love them more than me la....!!!! =.= .. and I AM NOT RICH man.... its cheap d la.. tats y i buy abuden... i kena hantam also wont buy wan la.. now sudah pokai la.. aduh ....

  3. i have idea for ur next year present!


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