Just Blurbing!

Today ! Some damn lecturer keep scolding us in lectures for no reason !! Once he came in, everybody just doing their own stuff and not even bothering him! We didn't do anything that offence him since we know that he is so damn sensitive!! Then he said" OKAY ! THE CLASS END NOW!" What the hell !!! He can do whatever he want in the class and we the one who paid have to get scolding for nothing ??? Seriously, this is not the first issue that happen on him !!! DAMN (*bip damn fucking black balloon *)
He always brag about how he met all those Datuk and where he went for research and stuff !!! My god!! Can't tahan him anymore thats why i wrote everything here !!! I wanted to complaint about him since the semester start!! Then... have to tahan for the class sake lar... so din report him !!! Now I just have to tahan till Sem 2 end!! Then, its the end!! I am not going to see him anymore in class !!!

After everything happen in Sem 2, I miss my old lecturer ( Mr,Winston, Miss Sureka, Miss Karmini and Miss. Ngim) Miss Ngim still teaching me in Sem 2, but I felt a little sad because we disappointed her ! I think I am going to start working hard on CRM ! Actually with the revision paper she gave, its more easy to understand and it make us learn more instead of lecturing! As you know, no one likes to be lecture right! So its normal to be like that lar..

I felt that everything had gone worse after Kevin went back to Taiwan! Everything just turn upside down from heaven to hell !! Anyway , wish him luck there ! MAYBE can meet him after 2 years ? Hope so !

Phewwww.... after throwing out everything here, I felt better again !! Blogging really help me, I should learn to blog earlier so that I wont feel so stress !! Thanks Blogger for giving me a space to blog and blurb everything I want !! Thanks!!! Mostly, thanks to my Mum! She is changing a lot due to my Dad's behaviour!! I loves her more everyday and I wont stop loving her !! Mummy, I love you !!

Kay! Enough for the emo stuff, heading to bed now!! Nights <3



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