KIss your assignment!

After a day of rest ( din go to college), I feel better but not completely heal yet from my tiredness!! Phewww...
I've done my implication for CRM !! Gurls, heard? Big applause!? Hee..... Next going for methodology and future research ! Wow, there is a lot more have to do !!

And..... My Mum burfday is on Friday !!!! Wanna make card for her !! Any suggestion ?? Wants to buy collagen drink for her burfday ! Obviously she lack of that !! I am starting to do an account book !! Because have to control my money spending ! Since I am in Taylor College... Opppss.. Now its a Uni ! The food there is expensive like hell and I am almost broke ! Gotta save more from now on !!! And its for something else also !! Its still a secret now !!

Ei Munn going to take me to Look Out Point !!! YAY !! Can't wait fot that !!!

Anyway, its a short post ! Nothing happened recently and today suppose to watch movie with the Gang-Not-Ster, but like I said ! I didn't went for class today ! And they cancel because Renvin wants to go home early ?? Hahahah... Oh yeah !! Comm Fest this coming friday !!! Gonna wear the same pants but different colour right !! Yay !! Renvin, go find one lar... ! Qi dai Qi dai !!

CRM Assignment due next week monday !!! Gotta hurry up !! Tomorrow meeting right ! Lets try to finish it asap !! Its getting me backache!!

Last but not least, Carmen !! You din update your blog very long d ler.. !!!

KKKKK.... Ciaoz!



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