Remember the post about the stories !! Before it happen, I took out my camera start shooting and this is all happen before the stories start !!
Biang Biang is playing with Penny's long skirt ! But  taking the photos just her skirt really look like a table cloth !! hahaah.. Biang Biang don't know thinking what and put her skirt into her mouth !! So dirty ! Actually she is shy of seeing me taking her pics !!

 Another epic wan !! hahah...

 This .... Ermmm.. The Penny !!! Doing silly face !! She doesn't care about her image and doing faces in front of the camera !! Damn Pei fu !! But Uncle Liew would like it !! AHa !

Well, this is the COOL PICS that they like to pose with their hands under their chin!!
Anyway, my college life would be boring without them !!! So its fun to have them in college and hoping won't forget each other after going out to work !!

Wow! What am I doing here !!! I should be doing my slides and stuff !! Tomorrow having presentation, but luckily its not individual, its in group! But, somehow, tomorrow presentation need to do at least 10 minutes to 20 ! So there is no difference just that don't have to wear formal and there is group members standing in front with you !!! If you know me or read my blog often, you should know that I am scared of presentation because if stage fright !! So, I didn't expect high achieve in my Presentation Skill !! Feel so upset for this sem !! Like I said !! Turning from heaven to hell !! I hope next sem is going to be heaven again !!

Kay kay !! Stopping here, realizing I blog more than doing my assignment ! Ciaoz! Nights Peeps!



  1. LOL XD sampat!! :P
    kekeke~~~ had fun with u all too~~~~~~
    waakaka~~~ next time play again~~~~ lol.
    oh!! next time is u and renvin's turn leh~~~~


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