Skinned Animal

Do you guys know what is skinned animal? It means an animal being skinned to get their skin to make those expensive coat with animal fur on it !
Recently I saw a video post by my friend in facebook ! Its about the animal being skinned! They animals were so kesian being skinned by those cruel mankind !! I don't know what country is that and I believe that every country is doing the same thing without notice how painful the animal is ! They are alive while being skinned and after skinned !! The men hit the animal hard enough to make them faint ! They throw them on the ground, hit them with a stick and even stand on their head on the ground ( not soft cushion). Imagine they do this to you !! My goodness !! What is wrong with the world !! Don't they fell guilty that they are making those animal suffer!! People couldn't do anything but those who can, please help them ! They are life like us! If you saw something like that in the real world, do something ! Or maybe sue them ! Or maybe report them ! Whatever you can do to help them ! If they are being suffer like that, maybe we should too!! To peoples who loves animal fur coat, STOP BUYING THOSE COATS !!! Its evil to do that !! If you stop buying coats, then the boutique wouldn't go and buy those fur coats, when they don't buy it, they will not kill animals just for their skin!! Then the animal can survive !!!
Yes! The animal skin is nice to wear on your body because it looks good on you, give you warmth! But it will looks better on those original skin!

To those who wants to know more go google up !
To those who wants to watch the video go youtube and find !!
You'll get all you want from there !!
I am just hoping that peoples can stop killing animals and start saving them ! They are life which are so precious same as human being !!



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