Picture post again !!! So tired to write nowadays!! Is it because of the hot weather or.... I am just being lazy !! Hmm.. Its the hot weather ! I never get bored of writing my blog !!

Well, the photos up there !! We were in Sunway last friday !! Having taiwanese food and the pearl drinks !
Then we went for movies "life as we know" ! Quite nice and meaningful! 
Let's just watch some pictures ! Ta-da!

The four pretty girl's !!! HEHEHE.... (perasaan-ing)

Pearl Drinks ! Chinese call " zen zhu nai ca" 

The only boy in our gang!! Can't get into girls topic? Start to play his phone !!! 

The silly and noisy Jesseca !!! Going crazy ?

The two blur queen again !!! 


Sorry ! Jdoll !! I don't have any of your pictures for that day !! Because you are the camera girl !! But I don't want to left you out !!! So yeah !! Don't kill me please !!

This ... This.. Trying to act a licik smile !! Try a lot of time !! This ... I think its the most success one !! hahah.. Biang !! Damn funny lar you !! 

She...... partner of Biang, Penny ! Partner means same crazy people in my gang !! hahaha.. 

Taken by Renvin, Edit by Jialeng!! Heeee... the favourite To-fu Biang likes !!! 

 Nice smile ! I like this !! Make it a profile pic please !!! damn pretty lar.. !!

Finally, a lying To-fu on my CRM notes !!!

This coming friday is the COMM FEST !!! heeee... Can't wait for it !!! Every taylorian please attend the festival !!! Its going to be so fun !!!

Weee... Okay for now !! Heading to bed !! Night Peeps!!!



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