Boredom Strikes!

Well, I am here in Taylor one of the classroom feeling so lonely when only presentation slides accompany !! They don't talk, they don't smile, they don't joke ! They just gave me pressure !! Lol.. !! Was thinking what to do this morning yesterday before I sleep, and everything is planned ! I am going to do my slides, work on my script and do research on my topic ! Finally, end up facebooking ! Games ! But I still do my research on my presentation topic and I found a websites that can save my life ! Lol!! Its about my topic but not about money and rich guy to married ! Lol !! Another thing, Boredom Strikes ! You can do whatever you want in a classroom alone right ! Well, I didn't do anything just camwhoring with my webcam !

Oh No ! I look damn awful ! Whatever ! That's all for now ! Ciaoz! 



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