Everything just feel so not right today !!! Printer having problem and it wont solve until I knock my head on the wall! When I go to MV, looking for parking for almost 1 hour and finally give up and pay RM3 for nothing !! But after we pay the parking ticket, saw a parking space ! What a nice coincidence a!!! I couldn't just live one day happily and things keep ruining my mood !!!

The weather damn hot today !!! Feel like going naked in the house !! I am wearing a singlet still feel so hot !!! I on the fan till the biggest num still cant beat the Sun's heat !!! Hopefully at night going to be cold !! Just be as cold as the weather can !! I don't mind freeze to death but not burn to death !!! hahaha...

Guess what !! I bought beer for Sanjiv ! Then Hazman tell me " his parents at home right" ! I was .. OH SHIT !!! Hope they don't mind la.. forgot about that ! Anyway... just hope tonight would make up my day !!!



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