Failing for ....

Having a serious headache now! But have to rush up my webpage design !
Didn't thought that it would be so hard to do compare to the magazine cover page!
I hate you ! Biang Biang ! ( Just kidding, u know I love you )
And also having a serious backache for looking at the laptop too long for my assignment!
Damn... My whole body hurt like shit now ! I wanna go to bed sob*sob* but I have to finish what I had to do first ! This is call the last minuter !
Rushing for assignment but still blogging here ! HAHAX !
Well, people need rest right ! So I am consider resting ! Lol !

Let me tell you a story !
There is this girl that her heart was too good that even she have to sacrifice her life to help someone she would also help ! What a girl I know ! Damn ! You too good heart lol ! Stop treating the evil so good ! Maybe she is cursing on you, you wouldn't know !
I just don't want you to sink deeper till you can't swim up to the surface ! ( lol... what a lame example )
Somehow, you still fighting for food like fish did in the sea ! And she is a fish that would fight for food with you when she knew that your heart is soft enough to be broken! Like you said ! She is faking !
I don't wanna wake you up because I know you are awake but just don't know how to reject !

So, this would a risky lesson to learn ! Hope you can go through what you had to ! Gambateh !
You know I am talking bout you! Stop looking up and pretend that you don't know me !! !Hahahahaa...
Lol... Ciaoz.. Back to work !



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