Jojo & Carmen

Kay, this post is about an afternoon that a girl come pick up a girl to makan lunch at a restaurant ! The girl who pick me up is CARMEN ! The restaurant is the JOJO !! Answer reveil !!! muahahahah.... 

Didn't get to take the photos ! This is from dear Carmen's blog!

Guess what ? I am having sore throat and I barely have voice that day ! So I chose Honey Lemon ( a medicine for me )! 

Playing with the camera and starting to take take take !! heee.. 

Seee..... she takes lots of photos ! This is just a part of it ! And she can't seem to find the right angle!! hahaha.... She got herself soya mix cincau!! The cincau was so long and small, hard for her to feel it in her mouth! 

Food came finally !! I having sore throat still having the spicy pan mee!! haha.. don't kill me ! It is delicious ! The mee so Q!! I can't seem to stop finding the leftover mee in my bowl after finishing the meal !! and start korek korek !! hahahahahah~~ Recommended! Only for those can eat spicy of course !

This is the additional dish called by Ms. Carmen !!! I don't really like it because it have heavy meat taste ! I don't likey !! But Carmen like it a lot ! She ate all and I only ate 1 ! 

Sorry for that face ! Wasn't knowing that being captured ! Damn delicious ! I am swallowing my saliva even writing for this post !! Damn I am hungry now ! 

Finally, looking at the camera but hate this picture ! 

This is Ms.Carmen's food ! Dry mee! She feel tasteless so she put the damn spicy dry chillies that people use to put in their Pan Mee in Malaysia ! Its the Malaysian style of eating ! After adding, the spicyness straight go up to the nose ! Mine is spicy but not like wasabi ! Hers was like wasabi ! But still not bad !! Recommended too ! Sorry, I din take her pic of eating her food but we took a video ! Damn lame ! We were playing and I said lets do a v-log!  I am just kidding ! Hell Ya! She take it seriously ! So we took a video ! But i can't upload here ! So sorry can't show it here ! 

Next, SNOWFLAKE is opening in Kuchai !!! Yay!! Gonna go there very often ! 

Well, I guess that is the end ! Tomorrow going for a radio survey ! Will post about it ! Wait for it ! 
Bye !



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