Random Fe....

Missing you at this time, the feelings came back and I can't control it! When this same song played, I always have this feelings ! Does this have something to do or related to something? Why is it giving me such strong affection! But, I believe that somehow it is related to something like what Mr. Philip taught me in his Psychology class!

It was said that, when you feel something strong random or sudden, something that is related to you had just happen! Example, there was once a twin brother was separated since small and they didn't know each other existence. One in west another one in east ! But, when the one in west get heart attack, the another one is east felt the pain in his heart ,too! It was at the same time! This is something that science couldn't really explain! So, its up to you to believe it or not !

To me, it was something miracle happen in life ! Something that are bonded or related have this kind of feelings means they are close enough to feel each other! So, I am thinking why this song keeps giving me this feelings ! I like this song but it hurts a lot ! Maybe something I don't know just happen or happened! Who knows!

By the way, today went out to Mid again with Carmen ! Thank God I don't have to take KTM home ! She knows I hate taking KTM home so she come pick me up at college! How SWEET .... LOVE YA !
We went to the same restaurant " Homemade Fish Head Noodle" for lunch! Actually its between lunch and dinner so maybe it can be called lunner?? Weird la.. hahaha.. ! But then I didn't eat because I use RM10.90 to eat at the Taylor's korean restaurant ! Gonna bankrupt soon if everyday I eat like that, like I said I AM NOT RICH !!!

You guys miss the pictures in the korean restaurant ? and homemade fish head noodle restaurant ?
hahahaha... sorry for not uploading it ! I am lazy to transfer from my camera to my laptop !
But, gonna upload it for the next post ! So wait for it !



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