Out of the Mocking Bird Nest

Today ... is Monday ! A boring day for me !! My mum said that she is bringing us to Sungai Wang, finally... u know lar.. din go there today !! So disappointed ! Anyway .. celebrate my Mum's burfday on Saturday at the Japanese Buffet Restaurant, Saisaki!! The food there is so nice but they have becoming more and more clever ! They cook stuff that can make you full easily such as Tang Hoon and the enoki mushroom !! But the food there is really nice la.. and also damn expensive !!! I bought collagen drink for my mum !! Hope that can help her get back her youngness!! hahaha...

Again... wish you HAPPY BURFDAY !! MUMMY !! 

And thanks Dad for the Japanese Buffet !! Its hard for us to eat so expensive dinner now !! We are saving cost for some reasons! There goes my bro... I ask him what course you want to study after SPM ! Answer "DUNNO" ! Which college u want to go ? Answer damn quick " TAYLOR" ! As you guys know that Taylor is a very expensive college for poor people like us and I don't recommend him to go there since we are lacking of cost and he don't even know what he want to study !

Taylorian.... you guys know that if you study there, not only the FEES IS COSTLY but also the food and stuff there ! Of course there are also cheap food like nasi lemak, mee goreng, curry puff....but people get bored of the asian food right ! So they sure will go for other stuff and AUTOMATICALLY spend more !! I am really saving money hard now !! Just wish that nothing came up to make me spend more ! BUT.... today .. I just spend RM 12 for 5 masks! Cheap right ! Can't control myself though! So I bought it and its only for 2 days !! So hurry up go for the Asian Food Festival now to get those cheap branded stuff !! There are so many things other than cosmetics !! FOOD..... Today din manage to really check out what's there !! Maybe tomorrow will go there again !!! Of course .. must support the festival of our own UNI right !!!HAHAHA....

Halloween Night in Taylor is coming !! Its on this Thursday at Taylor Lakeside !! I post it before in my blog ! Its call the Halloween Spook Bash!
Then .. the next day going to Sanjiv house for Deepavali!! First time attending Indians Deepavali Party !! Can't wait for it !!



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