Lifes !

The saxophone plant a love in my heart and the cool air revive my love! That really happen when I am in my dad's car heading to Pavilion for some lame reason and i look like a nerd going out for breakfast and didn't even know going to Pavilion !! So, I wore a damn fugly shirt and my home shorts ( for sleeping *shit*)!! After parking the car, I slowly came down from the car and start to feel so frustrated by thinking in my mind " Am I crazy wearing like that going to PAVILION ???" But I have no choice but to follow them down to the mall !!!

Coming out from the elevator, a breeze of wind blew through me like I am changing from a nerd to an angel ! Wearing a beautiful dress instead of just an fugly shirt and shorts! Lol.... I am dreaming too much !! Then walking here and there starting to like Pavilion !! And you guys wouldn't want to know what I do there !! Haih.. ruin my day !! 

Went home and sleep the whole day !!! Woke up, makan maggi mee after a bath and here I am !!! haha... 
Listening to the love songs again !!! Lovesssss..... 

Tomorrow can see my dear - Carmen again !! Going for lunch with her in Sunway !!! She drive!! hahahaa.. 
Yesterday, she drove and take me go gai gai ! We refill car petrol for the FIRST TIME ownself !! ahah.. anyway have fun though!!!! 
Maybe tomorrow will have more photos !! 



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