Teen Fest & Planet Radio & Lifes again .....

Recently got sick and busy about my webpage design! My throat was like burning till it dry and swell, my nose is running like water tap till no space for me to breath, my body ache like cracking my bone to feel better ! Oh God! Why it has to be at this time to fall ! Study week is starting and I have presentation on my study week ! After that, EXAM ! Well, it only need 3 days to finish but I have 4 subjects, so the 2 hardest subject crash into the same day ! This sem is really not going to stop worsening till the end ah ! Anyway, the next sem means Semester 3, we have to choose 2 major part and our class is going to separate ! NOOOOO.... I hate to separate with my classmates !

Allright ! Enough for the sad happening and lets start with the cool and excited things I went through this few days !

Teen Fest! 

Its was held in Mid Valley Exhibition Hall ! So its quite convenient for me to go there ! I went there and watch Amy & Adrian! Adrian damn handsome but not so famous yet ! But, I believe with his talent he would be famous too! He sang a song with Amy which had recorded as one of the song in Amy's album! Not bad ! 
Here are some of their pics ! They are catwalking ! 

This wan they are singing their duet song !

Now, guess who I met in Teen Fest Dance Competition ! Its Dennis!! haha... He is one of the member of ECX ! They won the battleground in the 1st year ! He damn talented and humour as well !! hahah..

There are lots of stuff in Teen Fest ! Lots of games as well ! Games in mean that computer games and computer stuff like mouse you can get RM 1 for 1 mouse and many voucher ! Their goodie bag has the voucher that only for people who register in the website ! They gave us free Kingston file with different style ! Damn awesome ! And you can get body massage, eye treatment, back massage just only for RM 39 ! 
Have fun there with my best friend ! CARMEN ! You guys know who la.. We din take much photo of ourself that day ! 

Planet Radio ! 

This event, all I can say is WOW !! They invited Ean from Hitz, Phat Fabes from Fly and Jeremy from Red! Get to take pictures with Ean and Phat Fabes !! Wohooo.. Damn awesome ! 

In this event, they invite them to tell us their experience and things we want to know about them and their job as DJ in the studio ! I realized something that they all have damn nice voice ! Their voice is loud and clear enough to listen even without the mic ! 

Other than that, they also cover other things that it would be helpful for us to know about broadcasting ! Broadcasting isn't only about being an announcer or DJ but also relationship ! They always put a smile on their face and say hello to everyone even though they do not know each other ! 
They also tell us about the law and regulation which is quite similar to media law studies, what can be play on air what cannot be play on air !
And their events were awesome !! Everything seems to be so successful under their lead! What I really wanna say is the event is damn awesome !! The goodie bag... OMG !! Got my favourite stuff in it which is a note book !! Its thick and nice ! They even provide us breakfast and lunch ! So nice of them ! 
Anyway, pictures now ! Enjoy ! 


Ending with Biang Biang Photos ! Proud of it ! HAHAHAHA...



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