You Wouldn't Answer My Call

I got a strange feeling coming out from my heart ! Something is flowing out and sending a message to somebody's heart ! I keep having this kind of feelings !! Actually it feel bad, I keep on crying for no reasons because of the pain in my heart and it won't stop ! It feels like someone you love had leave you ! The feelings get stronger when I listen to this song! When I first heard this song, I love it so much! But, today, it gives me feelings! Feelings that I don't know how to describe ! But, still its a nice song! Maybe that is the message the song is trying transmit !

2AM- You Wouldn't Answer My Call

Maybe I need someone to love and to be love!



  1. aww....dun sad....i love u...muahahaa.
    but i know u are not les de. i oso not les de. hahaha!!
    cheer up laaa~~~

  2. Aiyer,need someone to love and to be love?U dont have meh????wa,unless i'm not human being lar..


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