0130 in the morning!

Well, its 1.30 in the morning ! I am in a room with my little brother ! I am doing my stuff he is playing dota! What is so fun about dota ! No offence but seriously ! Maybe I am just not the type to be interested in those games ! I am watching the SHANE DAWSON VIDEO in youtube ! Quite addicted to his person .. like... watching his way of talking and acting !! Can cheer you up some times when you are in a bad mood !! And it also contain a little bit of dirty jokes !! Quite interesting ! He is quite insane ! Just type Shane Dawson in the youtube search ! There is too much videos so maybe you can just pick the one that you are interested according to the name of the vid!

And the Thailand photos .. will upload later but not so soon !! As usual .. lazy to transfer it from my camera to my computer !! hahahaha....

And something unhappy just happen to me just now !! My mum is angry with me ! And I DON'T KNOW WHY !!!! Its really stressing me out everytime she does that !!! I didn't do anything and she will just go BANG BING BONG !!! Argggg... thats why I hate staying at home !! I feel much more happier outside with my friends without all the coming-back-from-work's-stress !!! It really pissed me off sometimes but I think I am getting use to it ! Because it happen to often!! Well what can I do !! Just ignore !!! Thats what I can do !

By the way, share something with you  guys !
This is a prelaunch in Malaysia link ! Its a website like score A but you are not promoting products! Just your websites so its much more easier ! Its free too !! So just click it if you are interested and join up !! More info .. same click HERE !

Yep I think thats all for now !! Bye !! Night !!



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