Flying out of the bird nest!

Last Saturday, went to KLCC with Hazman ! Take my first LRT ride ! It was so much better than KTM ! Arrive within a minute ! Reach there easily from KL Central ! Waited for him about 20 minutes stoning at the people there ! Damn ! Its crowded in there ! You can barely walk among the crowds !

First LRT ride... on my 18! Banging the wall*

Reach there and saw this ! 

Big Big Christmas tree!  

Beautiful but i prefer the Mid Valley wan! Will take some photos of it ! Or... you guys can go there yourself to take a look, snapping pictures with the giant toys and christmas tree ! Loves Christmas ! Because the decorations just can make you feel like you are in heaven ! So damn beautiful ! Didn't went to Christmas Party before... wonder how it looks like ! 

Aite, back to KLCC ! Went to startbucks! 

Yeah right ! I am not the smoker ! Is this guy !

Sms with her gf and tell me about celcom plan and stuff ! hahaha.. funny topic to talk about ! 

His drinks ! I din order one because was eating the french fries from lunch ! 

Yeah ! McD !!!! Fat, high calories and ADDICTIVE ! 

Then went for a walk for my bro's wallet but can't get 1 for him because its too expensive for me ! 
So end up nothing and went home after that! 

Aite, next up ! Mid Valley ! Get to see the decorations ! AHA! 
But... before that, Carmen brought her mum to Westcourt the furniture shop and there is another building called Westcourt also ! So they went to the wrong wan ! It was so funny , I kept "steal laugh" behind the seats ! Carmen's mum, you should laugh more because it makes you look much more pretty !! hahahah... Send her home and went to Mid ! 

Funny things happen! I thought it was the day to watch Harry Potter with my other friends but .... it was a misunderstanding ! Its just an outing with my dear carmen ! Not Harry Potter ! Anyway, ate lunch at oasis and take a bite on Ikan Pari with belacan ! Delicious but not as delicious as the Old Kuchai Lama Food Court! People line up and the cashier not stop taking orders ! The stall was obviously get the most business in the food court ! Well, din take any pics of it because I was too hungry ! After lunch walk around and I don't remember what we did there ! We are just walking around right? Lol... then saw a Hong Kong artist in Guess shop ! 

You know who ! Chui Zi Shan! Lol, I don't know her name till Carmen told me ! haha.. 

Later, meet up my dad in the Bak Kut Teh restaurant just beside Boulevard entrance! When I walked in, it was as cold as the northpole ! Not much customer! Only two tables were seated by customers included my dad! And it was so expensive ! My dad had a set of Bak Kut Teh for only 1 person and it cost about RM 22++! Damn expensive ! 

Guess what he is eating.... 

Ta-Da!! Sunmaid Raisins ! 

Long lost friend! bought it with carmen in the Jaya Jusco Supermarket ! She bought whole load of sweet to make her stay up in the midnight for her studies ! Unhealthy !!!! 

Went home after that, and I saw the parking ticket ! Its a parking ticket with Christmas layout ! 

So cute*

Aite, next! I went to Teppanyaki in Mid Valley some other day ! 

Not so delicious ! The Mid Valley outlet wan sucks ! 
And after eating, on the way out, paying for the bill, a small cockraoch crawl in front of me !!! YEEEEEWWWW!!!!! Not going there again ! The food was not so delicious but prefer the Sungei Wang wan !!! 

Yep! I think thats all for now ! End it with a photo I took ! 

I guess Red would just be my lucky colour or whatsoever ! 
Nothing about this pic just sharing! 

Oh ya! And this... 

Isn't she adorable !!! My cousin! Can't wait to see her again on New Year !! XoXo...



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