Well, now its my holiday after all the complaining about "when this sem will finish!!" Finally its finish and everyone get their wish to stay at home doing nothing ! No work ! No planning ! No schedule ! Boring life eh.... We don't club so we don't go out at night except for supper or yum cha with my best friends that stay nearby! Others... going to Mid Valley all the time because that is the only place i can go without any effort in transportation ! I got NO CAR!! Thats why ... Saying not wishing to have one is just a lie ! Who wouldn't want to own a cars!

Argghh... but still just a plain hope because its hard for me to get one ! Running out of money and no part time job! Darn it ! Who wants a part-timer ... I have one here !!

Right! Saturday going to KLCC, Sunday going for facial with mum !! Yay ... finally have my facial that I have waited a long long time!! Sorry Vin, this place is too far for you thats why I din invite you for this !! Having a gathering on 10th Dec! Excited ! 18th Dec going to 十分红!! and finally planning an outing with Siew Ying and Yen Chi! Hmmm... seems like quite a lot of schedule for me !! But its only 6 days out of a month! I admit I am lazy to go out larh! Just to headache thinking of wearing what and transportation and SPENDING MONEY!!!

Really running out of money which I am saving to buy an Iphone next year !! Gonna work hard then !!

Aite.. just updating because there is nothing to do and there is no show in TV! But.... now ... its time for me to go !! America's Next Top Model is showing at 1.55pm! Bye !! Have a nice day !!!


  1. cute got the signature font geh.... ><


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