Just.... ahhh....

Updating some stuff ... a short short wan !!! Because I don't like leaving my blog plain without any updating !!! Going to Thailand tomorrow !!! How it happen ? I woke up in the morning by the voice of my mum dad and bro at 9 something in the MORNING !! That is early for me !!! heeee... then they ask me want to go to Thailand ? I think for a while and say YES !! My grandma is sick, so I replace her to go to Thailand with my other 2 "Gugu" translate that to chinese*. So I bet you guys know what is the upcoming post about then !!! And of course PICTURES !!!!

My mum and dad keep saying about the safety in Thailand .... "becareful ar.. people catch young teen tourist like you and sell you to be a prostitute" my bro add on "when you go into the hotel knock the door and say Sorry disturbing and don't place your shoes so nicely" AHA... thanks for the concern !!! Sweet family but also damn noisy family !!! Yeah ! My house can go HEY YO YO.. WHATSUP .. and stuff non-stop !!! Right .. I think thats it !!! Once again... thanks Penny for borrowing me your winter clothing and Carmen ... study for your exam .. you don't want to resit because its wasting money and time !! Just give more effort in it !!! Gambateh ya !! And wish me can be back safely !!! Muahahha.. just joking !!! Aite ! Bye !



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