Last post for 2010!

Its December, and Christmas is over ! Time flies like a shooting stars.. but I hope what we went through wont be a shooting stars that disappear so fast that I can't even had the time to save it into my memory card ! Whoever you are, the relationship we had this year would be a memorable thing for me ! I will always remember what we had and what we gone through !

Damn! 26 ! I feel i am going to be one year older though my birthday is over ! I am going to be 19 next year ! And soon 20 ! I am going to Japan for this whole week and coming back on the 1st day of 2011! I am going to welcome the arrival of 2011 on the plane thanks to my brother that set this schedule and had the "perfect" timing ever ! I can't see any fireworks for 2011 and can't watch any concert !! And maybe I would worry about the fireworks would hit my plane ! HAHAHA.... Although I feel excited about the trip for Japan but there is something I am missing in this place and I couldn't take it with me to Japan ! I am so gonna miss this thing whatever it is because I am going to be away from you for 1 week!

Anyway, I went to my primary school friends gathering on the 23rd ! It was a wonderful memory and moment I had since 2004 ! Everyone does change but still recognizable ! Miss them so much ! Everybody was late ! I can't believe I am the 2nd earliest ! Hahaha.. We went to Pasta Zanmai for brunch and chilled at Austin Chase for the 5.45pm movie! GT ! Gulliver's Travel ! Quite interesting movie ! In between, we went to Hokkaido something restaurant just to play some games ! We had our secret reveal there ! Shhh... I can't tell you guys ! Its a secret ! Then we had our dinner at TGI Friday ! Its quite costy for me to go there actually but once a while its ok lar! Conclusion! I want to have a 2nd gathering ! It was so fun ! I didn't knew that a whole bunch of friends went out for a "date" was that fun ! Didn't have any nice pictures to upload.. so no pictures for this outing ! 

I guess thats all for now ! I don't really want to think back what I have gone through this year because mostly about college and rough time with my families ! There are some good things happen too but I think bad things happened more this year to me ! Since my 2nd Semester start ! Everything just like from  heaven to hell ! I think you guys know what I meant right ! Anyway, I hope we are going to have great years in the future and everyone is growing up so fast and going to be 20 soon ! We gotta have to work and save moneys for families ! I just hope everything went well !

And Its nice to meet the old friends again ! 

Bye 2010 !



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