Updatessss.... for Nov!

Kay.. after the 2 days of laziness... I'll start blogging now ! Sorry for the lateness ya Biang Biang!!!

Sunday... 28th Nov... I went for radio survey at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa! Reach there damn early and went for breakfast with my friend ! We passed by Station One Cafe and saw something shocking !! The place was like wreck by a group of people and cigarette, tissue and rubbish all over the place ! The chair was tumbled on the floor, workers there cleaning up the place whereby a group of nigro standing outside of the cafe waiting for pickup ! I didn't dare to take pictures because there are still people there and if I take pictures there people would like " Erm... is she going to investigate what is happening here last night??" hahahaa... just imagining! Then we ate and talk about ghost stories ! Share some with you guys some other time !

We ate mihun at the mamak! 

She is not used to my camera yet.. shy-ing

Next, to the destination !! Level 10 ! The place was so damn high class and beautiful just like a palace!

This is how the walkway looks like ! So palace right !Damn hope i live in a place like this !

After registering and stuff wait till 9am only start the whole survey ! Sit down according to numbers and listen to almost 700+ songs ! But each song only 10 sec ! HAHA! After the survey, they gave us RM100 each person !! Thats the reason I went for this survey ! And i did filled everything HONESTLY! So its worth that i received the RM 100 !! Thanks Nielson ! Heeeee..... Thats the end of the whole event ! Nothing interesting ! But quite considerate of them, they prepared food for us ! Didn't get to eat those food ! Later ate Dominos for lunch ! Didn't thought that dominos is cheaper than Pizza Hut that much !! Anyway.. acceptable la.. ! 

Next, Rapunzel & Pizza Hut

Took KTM to Mid Valley and suprisingly everyone was damn early ! I am the 3rd wan means the last 2nd !! haha.. there are just four of us ! Collect the movie ticket and there is still time ! So we went jalan jalan in Watson to buy my body scrub but result..... nothing satisfied me ! Any suggestions ?? Hate to see my back full of scars because of my naughty hand ! Grrrr... Then finally we went up for movies and bought our snacks! 

The pwettie transforming to nerd! Down there*

Nerd! Which one better ? HAHA...

Rapunzel!! Show start immediately after we went in ! I mean the advertisement, we din get to take photos in the cinema ! Rapunzel was damn funny and interesting !! Good choice for children !  Go watch it if you have time! Then we thought of going to Pasta Zanmai ... but then... check on the price on the menu !! And change our mind immediately ! Too expensive for us college student ! We are not rich even though we are taylorian ! Change your stereotype people !! 

Saliva dripping out from the mouth while waiting for the another two monkey back from toilet!

Thinking* Hmm.. I wish I can eat those pasta ! 

Final decision, Pizza Hut! 

Monkey pose by Biang Biang!! hahah... 

My hair !!! I got too much hair !! Gonna cut soon !! Wait for it guys ! Seriously! Beh tahan my bangs!

The two girls that usually came out in my photos naturally !

We sat down and eat and chat for a long time since there are still places! We went home around 3.30pm! My brother called and said his leg bengkak!! Frighten me ! Went home and checked on him! It turns out he is just exaggerating! =.=

Now... as I promise Biang Biang to list out her characteristics ! Here it is!
1. Cheerful
2. Not sensitive
3. Like to dance
4. Photogenic! damn hate this! Just jk ! hahaha..
5. Kind
6. Helpful
7. Hardworking
8. Funny 
9. Playful love it!
10. Alien!! Invented by Sanjiv
11. Evil, mean, naughty Sometimes in convo only!

Nicknames now !
1. Biang Biang Used in my blog
2. Peng Peng Usually call that in college
3. Ng Yee Peng Real name!
4. Evil Peng
5. Mean Peng
6. Naughty Peng
7. Evil, mean, naughty Peng!

Add in next time when there is more !! haha.. 
Next Post ! My holidays in Dec and words to my best friend ever - Carmen Chong Tung Yeng!


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