Thailand Trip : Part 1

Thailand trip finally !!! Too much pictures to show so I just show some important parts !! Means something that can give you guys some knowledge about the place in Thailand !! I went to Betong in Thailand !! 
The people there of course speak Thai and its quite dirty there because I went to the Kampung place not the famous place in Thailand !! 

Reach the customs ! 

The town of Betong ! 

They said its the largest post box!!! Hmmm...

The guy who arrange everything of the trip ! Ah Liang!

Tour guide ! Forgot his name.. Heee... 

Ate bird nest there because the town full of bird nest in the middle of the night ! And the other parts of Thailand get the bird nest from Betong ! The bird nest was different from Malaysia's ! Malaysia's one is very dilute and less bird nest ! But, in Betong one, as you can see, so thick !! Its like eating the real saliva from the swallow !! Hahahahah... Nice ! Thumbs up ! 

Yep !! Its the swallow !!! The electric wires was full of swallow and their shit is everywhere on the floor!! You can get shitted by them anytime when you walk under the wire!

Hot Spring !! 

Obviously that's not my legs !! 

They have this to boil the eggs ! They even sell the eggs at their stall ! Its too hot so they cage it ! 

This is the truck I am going to take to reach my "2.5 stars" hotel !! And this is the only way because the road is too terrible !! And its going up to the mountain ! Yesh ! My hotel is up in the mountain !!

The uncle who film everything we did for the trip ! 

The other two pelancong ! Btw, I was on a trip full of old people! I am the youngest and the range between me and the other..... the 2nd youngest I think would be 40 + ! Awesome right ! Quite a different experience! 

Look !! Proven ! 

Scenery going up ! And I saw this !!!!!!!!!!

My heart crumble like hell !! I saw trees being cut down and they are dying because their partners are dying also !!! So sad ! They say they are going to build road to go up to the mountain ! Arggg... What for ! Its beautiful as the way it is ! My heart crumble again when I am posting about this !! ><

After a 40 minutes ride on the horrible road its like jungle trekking in a truck* , we reach ! Its a very tradition place with people who speak chinese ! So its easy to communicate with !

The scenery there is so beautiful! This place call "wan hua yuan" in chinese ! Means millions flower garden ! They are trying to plant flowers and plant to make the place "green" ! Damn beautiful ! So ... going to continue the pictures of the nice and beautiful scenery of those flowers in the upcoming post ! 

Finally, Christmas is coming ! Go buy your family and friends some present to cheer them up ! Not by suiciding and makes them worries and sad and stuff ! Well, everyone sure have stress and sad things happen and you may think to commit suicide before but DON'T DO IT ! It won't solve any problems of yours but just add a cut on your family and friends heart ! So be clever and be happy always ! Think optimistic! 

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year !! 

remember to come back for the Thailand trip part 2 ! :)


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