Thailand Trip : Part 2

Continue with the last part when I reach the Million Garden Resort ! 

Ta-Da!! This is my room !! Not as bad as I thought !!

Scenery Time !!! 

Too many pictures ?? Yeah all about flowers and garden and stuff !!

Yep! Thats me in the red pants ! I am walking with my auntie ! 

Packing and going down to Piyamit Tunnel~!

Piyamit Tunnel!

This is the bridge that they believe that can change your luck if you walk across it! 

Monkey !!!! Thats me !!!! Heeee... 

Went in to the jungle because the Piyamit Tunnel is inside the jungle ! Fortunately, they make a road up through to the tunnel ! Because before this, they have to walk on the mud and trees without the road leading up! 

We reach and start explaining !! Bet you guys don't wanna know bout it because its too boring to listen ! Its HISTORY ! I hate history ! 

Whooooo.... Kay !!! Stop here !! Actually its all about pictures !! There is another part ! Part 3 and its the end !!! Then gonna stop for about 1 week without any post ! Because I am going out station ! I am out of KL !! Perhaps after I wish you guys Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !! 

Oh Ya !! I am happy with my results!! I got 4 As.. & 1 B! Out of 5 subjects !! My GPA improve a bit lar.. So I am happy with it !! But not long because my grandma fall sick again !!! Gotta take care of her and maybe she just lack of loves ! Thats all !! Aite ! Hope she'll get back healthy soon and ... Bye!!!  



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