To Miss Carmen !!!

Well, u been a very good, considerate and lovely friend for all this time !! There is no pressure being with you and you always be my side when I am in trouble and stuff ! Now you can drive, you always take me out for makan!! Feel grateful for that !! Thanks for the recommendation of those delicious food you take me too!!

Watching movies, eating lunch and breakfast, going for shopping, meeting stars all over the place !! All the memories with you was so beautiful just to think of it ! Birthday presents !! Unforgetable ones every year ! Mostly hand made !! Touch*! Come to think of it .. when I first know you was in Kindergarten but we weren't close ! It all started in High school ! We sat beside each other separate by a space between ! Become close each day when we have to see each other everyday !! Finally, end up being the best friend ever !!

Anyway, what I really want to say in this post is.. really thankful for all these time and forever will be your best and truly wan !! I don't know why I am writing this to you !! Just feel like saying this stuff to you and not that I am dying and stuff like that !!! Finally !!! I LOVE YOU !!! CARMEN CHONG TUNG YENG !!! I am not lesbian !



  1. idiot! enuff la! 做莫那么感性!actually, everytime i need someone, dats you! i cant think of others! i have good things! its you also! everything! you are the first!! because, i really cannot trust others except you! okay! end here! you can cry now!


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