First day ain't first day!

First day in college for semester 3! So freak out when there is so much of group 1 students, because I am not that close to them but I still know a few of them la.. of course! I am just worrying about the presentation thingy again in front of those people that I am not so close to ! ><

Anyway, I can't believe what happened today ! I missed the shuttle bus to LCS and had to spend RM10 for taxi and took another ride back home by KTM! Total spend RM 11.80 for transportation! I think I have to starve for another 3 to 4 days now ! Argg... Well, the reason I missed the bus because I mixed up the places and just a second until I realized, the bus had gone already!! Not a good beginning for sem 3 but I hope its a good process and good results! Please go away you curser!!!! Went to Mid Valley before going home ! Went to see my brother who works in Sushi King while waiting for his results to come out in March ! What I saw was ... he is playing games with his friends after lunch !! Anyway, its a funny story !! HAhahaha... saw him dance for the first time ! hahah...

Nothing much today! But, the first class of advertising gives me a cold ! I think we had to do a campaign for our assignment! Think to it its quite fun but still scary because the big thing in Taylor or some activities we usually saw and held grandly is going to be our job soon! Quite scary right! Maybe its my first thats why I feel that way !

Had a 10 minutes talk with my grandma just now ! She think a lot ! I just hope she is ok !

Thats all for now ! Chilling at home listening to! Everything is going to allright.. I guess...



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