Happy New Year 2011~~ ♥

Its a new year now ! Din get to write anything yesterday because I was too tired ! Anyway, Happy New Year 2011~! I hope everything will went well this year ! I don't want to look up for horoscope or the zodiac to see how my year is going to be ! So just let it be ! And I guess everyone is back from holidays after the last month of 2010 ! Me too ! Just came back from Japan thats why I am so damn tired yesterday ! Took 7 hours flight and the monthly visitor visit me on the 1st day of 2011 ! What a "nice" thing to start of the year !
Well, I didn't get too buy anything I want from Japan! I was so damn sad ! My dad was like "erm... don't want to buy la.. " or "NO!"  My mum even worst ! She will just turn back her head and pretend like she didn't heard about it ! Arggg... It was fun because it was a different thing to experience and the weather! I love it so much although its cold enough to make me freeze my step ! Because I can't experience that in Malaysia ! So yeah ! Took damn a lot of pix but I won't be showing everything up here ! So I'll pick some better wan which means not blur and stuff ... wait for it yeah !

Oh Yeah ! The Christmas ! ..........actually nothing happen on my Xmas ! And I always wanted to go for Xmas party but my friends don't party ! So Yeah ! I think thats all !

Bye ! Adios! Have a great day !



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